Saturday, October 27, 2012

Writing wrongs starting with- "The List"

Hey Everybody! (haha i sound like that guy on the Simpsons),

Anyway, how's it going? And before i write anything else that might be remotely interesting... WOW, i nearly gave up on this thing! Well I thought that nobody would read this blog or ever drop by but apparently you lot love random colourful (not a spelling mistake, i'm aussie ) which makes me happy! And craft, of course :) Well it's time to write some wrong and go in a forward ,not stagnant, motion as it's been quite a while *ahem two years* since i wrote here. Well, well, well lets start with my list of things that I will be doing AND completing by the end of this year and the beginning of next that will all be captured in this blog. And an exciting note that I want to make is i'm going to make everything, that is crafts/projects, as cheap and Eco friendly as i can as i hate wasting things and I believe when i reuse something instead of throwing it out, I find that i'm more creative as i have something to work with.

So... Things to do/ make/ create/ find:

1. CHRISTMAS!!!!- I will share with you my journey towards creating a homemade Christmas. Last year I wanted to do this but didn't have time now I do. My adventure will include:
                   *Making all my Christmas gifts. Tutorials included
                   *Christmas gift wrapping ideas
                   *Christmas decorations and bits and pieces that make the days to Christmas and the day itself

2. Granny Flat- Or studio if thats what you call it. Well I have a separated room at the back of my house and    it's been a junk room but i'm finally getting rid of stuff and clearing it out. Sooooo, i am going to take you on my little venture of transforming the space into a room as a retreat/ guest room/ kids space/ craft spot which is definitely. BUT BEST OF ALL is that I am going to try and recycle, reuse, redecorate most of the things that will be going in there. YAY! I am ubber excited because this is my chance to finally do a project that is substantial and that can be enjoyed by everybody.

3. Photos- I really want to take better photos for this blog. I looked at the some of the photos I had uploaded and cringed but in a way it is a good thing as i can only improve from here.

And Last but DEFINITELY not the least

4. Li- My little sister is quite literally my world. I love her to bits and i have various projects that i want to make for her. Most projects i do will be able adapted for a boy and i will probably be making some for brother as well. I want my sister to have what I dreamed of having because I was too young to make somethings and sadly didn't have an older sibling to help me out.

Yes it does sound like a lot. A lot but this is my new beginning and I'm not one to follow by book and go with a new years resolution as they have never really worked for me. I'm very happy and lots to do in the next few months and it will only get busier. But i like busy, busy is fun and keeps me entertained as i get bored easily which can be a bad thing at times :)

See ya soon,

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