Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Balling and Organisation!

Well today i got making things that helped me organise and something that i though would be nice for the hot Australian spring day that sizzled the house.

First off, I made decorated a shoe box with scrapbook papers that had been sitting in my draw for a year or two... I then cut a slit on the side of the box to fit a cord and made a small platform to put my devices on. So this is my box of chargers. It servers as an easy way to charge my things and also an easy way to find them when i go somewhere and need them like a sleepover.

Slit for cord

The box

box with platform

Melon balls, healthy treat

Monday, November 5, 2012

No technology= Cakes and Flip flops


I know i'm supposed to blog every week to keep you updated but last week my beloved family decided that they wanted to go technology-free... for a week. Yeah doesn't sound too hard but trust my it was! Especially as i was home for a week with my two little siblings that are under 5 :) sounds like fun. Well i ended up completing a puzzle, reading, playing finger snooker which is called Carom (its really fun Google: carom board game),    re-redecorating my flip flops, starting an advent calendar of sorts (will post about soon), and making a birthday cake for one of my little brothers.

Birthday Cake- Well because i was feeling the lack of technology and hum of the television mess with my brain i tried to remember some cake i saw the last week and brainstormed some ideas in my head of a potential cake that i could make for my brother. I make a chocolate cake from a recipe on the back of my Cadbury cocoa and used M&Ms, handmade racing flag with skewer post, green butter cream icing food dyed green, green sprinkles, washed Hot-wheels cars and cocoa. I used a piece of A4 paper because that was conveniently the same size as my cake and draw then cut out a 5 (yes my brother very young and we have a large gap between us :) ) I secured the 5 with some skewers then filled an icing bag and iced around the 5 then sprinkled it with green sprinkles. Then i placed M&Ms around the 5 and dusted cocoa on the 5 to make it look like dirt. The finishing pieces were the racing flag i made by drawing a grid with Sharpie then sticking it with a skewer and placed the toy hot wheels cars on the track with pieces of  cut white chocolate for track lines.

So here it is and yes he loved it! (so did my little sister with her quick hands!)

Isn't he cute lol, he was patiently waiting to open his presents!

There's four of us. I would of put a picture of me but there was none where i was looking...

Anyway, another thing did enduring last week was give my old dirty flip flops/thongs a good scrub! It took a while but i got then pretty clean. 
still dirty

clean and removed top straps then knotted two pieces of materials threaded through top middle. Put each strap through either side hole and knotted on the bottom and cut off excess.

Oh la la! some kinda new shoes :)
Be back soon,
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