Friday, December 17, 2010

This is what I've been up to lately....

So its the holidays on my side of the world and I've had some time to do some craft. This first is a message board that I bought. It was black and had the same criss-cross white ribbon. I thought it looked a bit bland for my room so I slid in some of my own fabric. And here it is-

 Yeah I do like vintage looking fabric.

 I had this old wooden frame, dark grey paint and a colour printer. Which then magically turned into this. I just love the Kimmidoll collection and I thought i would jus print images from the internet. Well I like it and it didn't coast me a thing!

 Seeing as I'm showing all my craft I thought I'd put up this dress as well. This was sewn by me a few years ago. The dress is made from a re-printed pattern that originally came from  the 1950s. I love the 1950s Fashion for its elegance.
 This dress is a black polyester satin dress that I made this year. I love this dress because it's strapless and the sweet heart shaped bodice.
 Just a close-up of the flower.

I made this skirt a month ago. The material is cotton and the waistband is black elastic.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Summer Holidays!!!!!!!!

Well, well well. It's been A while but I have some good news. It's summer!!!!! Well at least in the southern hemisphere. Geez its hot now!!! But with summer comes the......(drum roll).......HOLIDAYS!!! Yay finally some time to some craft and actually show it on this blog. Oh I love it when i see a craft on the internet and I actually have the stuff for it AND the time. And it's CHRISTMAS next week!!!!!!!!! I plan to make some christmas decorations, put up the tree and I've nearly finnished knitting a pinkish-red scarf. I know its not winter here but I wanted to get a head start on knitting some scarves because otherwise I won't finish them till summer next year. ANYWAYS, see you tomorrow and I will upload some of the crafts I've been up to- CREATURE THREADS <3

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

its been so long...NOT

Ok I know I just put some pictures up a few minutes ago but I said that this was supposed to be a craft but so I better put some craft photos by other people that I like. If you are reading this and you think that a photo is yours, your picture is here because I like your creation!
quilling is a cute paper craft that is done by you coiling and pinching thin pieces of paper

quilled flowers

melded shopping bag rain coat

pretty lamp shade

I love Yulia Brodskaya's artworks

random pics

I love looking through google image and finding pictures that catch my attention. Here are some that have made my collection. I know some people say that I should have copyright or something but I haven't used these for anything but purely for looking at.
beautiful photo of mid air jump...wish it was me!

hmm....birthday pressie thanks ;)
how sweet
wish i had been at that wedding
i would love to get these from somebody!!
beautiful photography from rodney smith
I love colourful images like these

Friday, July 16, 2010

Hey guys!

Hello fellow bloggers finally I have started an online blog and will be using it often! This blog will be about sewing, craft and cute things. I love sewing the making things and will post new things that I make and sew.

Creature Threads