Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Summer Holidays!!!!!!!!

Well, well well. It's been A while but I have some good news. It's summer!!!!! Well at least in the southern hemisphere. Geez its hot now!!! But with summer comes the......(drum roll).......HOLIDAYS!!! Yay finally some time to some craft and actually show it on this blog. Oh I love it when i see a craft on the internet and I actually have the stuff for it AND the time. And it's CHRISTMAS next week!!!!!!!!! I plan to make some christmas decorations, put up the tree and I've nearly finnished knitting a pinkish-red scarf. I know its not winter here but I wanted to get a head start on knitting some scarves because otherwise I won't finish them till summer next year. ANYWAYS, see you tomorrow and I will upload some of the crafts I've been up to- CREATURE THREADS <3

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